Wheelchair Cushions & Wheelchair Backs

Wheelchair cushions and backs are the best seating accessories for the people who sit in wheelchairs for long periods of time. At home health pavilion get wheelchair cushions and backs perfectly fit according to the user's needs. Wheelchair cushions and backs helps in prevention of pressure sores and healing. Get wheelchair cushions and backs by top brands like invacare, jay, otto bock, pride synergy, roho, supracor, varilite and comfort company.

Types of Wheelchair Cushions

Custom Positioning - Wheelchair Cushions

Custom positioning cushions are used for advanced needs such as spinal curvatures or asymmetries in your body requiring complex support. Foam cushions are cut to the shape of your body where support is required by the therapists. Positioning cushions are clinically designed for reducing pressure, preventing from pain, stiffness or fatigue designed by a rehab engineer for specific user requirement. Positioning Cushion is a wheelchair cushion used to correct posture and prevent left or right leaning. We carry custom positioning cushions by Jay.

jay j2 plus cushion
jay active cushion
jay j3 cushion
jay xtreme cushion

Air Filled Wheelchair Cushions

Air cushions support the body completely on air. These are designed with a group of small consistent rubber balloons organized in rows and columns. It works upon a static volume of air dispersed among various cells to achieve the weight bearing and pressure allocating functions. It does the highest pressure lessening and thus prevention of pressure sores. Pressure is balanced by air flowing out to nearby balloons, dispersing pressure evenly against wheelchair user’s skin. Air cushions are comparatively light weight and are water resistant. Top brands are Roho, Pride, Comfort Company, Invacare.

roho quadtro select high profile cushion
pride synergy spectrum air cushion
moldable anti thrust embrace cushion by comfort company
matrx gentle airflo contour cushion by invacare

Foam Filled Wheelchair Cushions

Foam cushions are lighter in weight, inexpensive, come in range of density and provide even support to the wheelchair users. Foam comes in a range of densities and with changeable degrees of memory (holding its shape according to your body; as you sit). If you choose a foam cushion; be sure to replace it with it time. We carry top branded foam filled wheelchair cushions from varilite, pride, comfort company, jay, and invacare.

varilite evolution wave cushion
zero elevation moldable embrace cushion by comfort company
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invacare infinity gentle contour viscofoam cushion

Gel Wheelchair Cushions

Gel wheelchair cushions provide excellent pressure distribution and are very comfortable. Gel fluids are placed in pouches and usually attached to a foam base, so that cushion conforms to the pressures placed on it. Gel cushions provide superior pressure relief, comfort and relieve Pressure Sores. Gel cushions provide pressure relief for users at risk of skin break or with a history of pressure ulcers. Easily conforms to pre-contoured foam or rigid cushions to maximize stability and positioning when required.

invacare infinity gentle contour flogel cushion
comfort company support pro 7 series bariatric quadra gel cushion
jay J gel cushion
pride synergy viscoelatic insert spectrum cushion

Honeycomb Sheet Wheelchair Cushions

Honeycomb wheelchair cushions are designed like a beehive having many individual hexagonal cells and these are able to distribute weight evenly. Beehive cell design allows air to travel more effectively within the cushion. This design helps to protect skin breakdown as this keeps the skin cooler and moisture is reduced and can absorb shocks. There is no risk of leaking gel or air ballon being punctured.

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supracor stimulite bariatric cushion
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Wheelchair Backs

Wheelchair Back and Lumbar support helps to provide comfort and positioning for the wheelchair user. The height, angle and depth of the back can be adjusted while the user remains in the chair. Wheelchair back also prevent the wheelchair from folding. Lumbar support conforms to the natural curve of the user's body to provide extra comfort. It is designed for the person needing mild to moderate postural support who is at low risk for skin breakdown.

jay zip pediatric backrest
jay j2 deep contour back
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