Power Wheelchairs

Home Health Pavilion is a full service provider for Power Wheelchairs (Electric Wheelchairs) and Manual Wheelchairs.

Home Health Pavilion offers all top brands of wheelchairs to best fit for a particular user and at best prices You will find anywhere. Find power / electric wheelchairs from Permobil, Invacare, Pride Mobility, Quickie . All Electric wheelchairs / power wheelchairs can be configured to suite the individual needs in any aspects like custom seating, backs, headrests, joystick, legrests, arm rests and accessories.

At Home Health Pavilion we sell from standard wheelchairs to heavy duty power wheelchairs. Visit our stores in Newburgh NY, 12550 & New Milford CT, 06776. Home Health Pavilion can help You customize power wheelchairs according to the user's needs. Our experienced mobility specialists will help You with all Your questions and concerns. Talk to us today!

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Types of Power Wheelchairs

Pediatric Power Wheelchairs

Pediatric power wheelchairs do not differ from adult powered wheelchairs except they are smaller in size and usually have some growth adjustment features built into them so that they can be adjusted as the child grows. Overall size and weight of the kid's power wheelchair is less as related to adult wheelchairs. Pediatric power wheelchairs are available in the same configuration and features as the adult power wheelchairs can have. We can customize power wheelchairs as per Your requirements at Home Health Pavilion.

Permobil K450 MX Pediatric Power Wheelchair
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Invacare TDX SR Pediatric Power Wheelchair
Invacare Power Tiger Pediatric Power Wheelchair

Front-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

Front wheel drive power wheelchairs have powered wheels in the front and the casters are in the back for its extreme maneuverability. Front wheel drive power chairs have a tighter turn radius as compared to other power wheel chairs. Many front wheel drive chairs have anti tippers that prevent the chairs from leaning completely forward. Large wheels are attached ahead of seating area which allows the chair to go over tougher terrain.

Permobil C300 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair
Invacare FDX Power Wheelchair with Formula CG Powered Seating
Permobil C500 Corpus Power Wheelchair
Permobil Chairman HD3 Corpus Power Wheelchair

Center-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

Center wheel drive power wheelchairs have powered wheels in the center of the wheelchair. This makes it easy to use and handle in confined space like kitchens, bathroom interior. In restrained spaces, Center-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs need far less turning than rear-wheel. Center Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs have tight turning radius. Maneuverability is great with the turning range being basically zero since it can turn on its own axis. It is much more approachable indoors compared to a rear wheel drive chair. As many people are realizing, this configuration is perfect in almost any setting.

permobil m300 power wheelchair
Pride Quantum Series Q6400 Power Wheelchair
pride quantum Q6400Z power wheelchair
pride jazzy 1170 XL

Rear-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

Rear wheel drive power chairs have powered wheel at the back and casters up in the front. Using this type of chair is similar to that of driving a vehicle. For user needing speed, these types of wheelchairs can be geared for high speed; with maintaining stability and control. The balance of the wheelchair is ideal for outdoor surroundings. The rotating radius is wide. It's very useful for users who spend a lot of time outside. These wheelchairs are aimed for all terrain activities both indoors and outdoors. These can be lightweight, foldable and easy to transport for active users. Rear wheel drive power chairs have powered wheel at the back and casters up in the front.

Permobil Street Corpus Power Wheelchair
Invacare Storm Torque SP Power Wheelchair for Formula CG Powered Seating
Ottobock C2000 Power Wheelchair
Invacare Nutron R51 Power Wheelchair

Standing Power Wheelchairs

A Standing Wheelchair assists a wheelchairs user to elevate the wheelchair from a seated position to a stand-up position. These wheelchairs allows the wheelchair users who are usually limited to a seating state; to stand up and stretch out with ease and safety and enables communication with people and objects at eye level. These are used to achieve both regular mobility and to help the user to STAND UP using either hydraulic or power source. By keeping the body in a standing position, the wheelchair provides users with the ability to place wheelchair-bound persons in a standing position reduces muscle contraction.

Permobil C500 VS Power Stand-Up Wheelchair
Levo Combi Standing Power Wheelchair
Levo C3 Standing Power Wheelchair
LifeStand Helium LSE Stand-Up Semi-Electric Wheelchair

Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchairs

Heavy duty power wheelchairs are built for large weight users, are toughest and support users weighing up to 500 lbs. It has large motors and longer frames, wider seats for heavy duty users. These are designed for comfort, easy to use and bear higher weight capacities. The frame is of tough steel construction and offers excellent maneuverability indoors and outdoors.

Pride Jazzy 1650 Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair
Quickie QM-715 Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair
Invacare Pronto M94 Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair
Pride Jazzy Select HD Power Wheelchair

Folding Travel Power Wheelchairs

Folding wheelchairs are lightweight wheelchairs & have foldable frame for easy transportation. Frames are mostly made from aluminum, titanium and other lightweight materials. These wheelchairs offer all the choices of a rigid wheelchair with the possibility to fold up. These wheelchairs can be fold up from the mid to stock in the trunk of a car. Folding electric wheelchairs are great for folks who need full-time movement assistance, but also like the amenity of being able to fold their wheelchair for portability and storage. The Folding Travel Power Wheelchairs are designed not only for easy transportation and portability but also works well in dense or packed spaces such as apartments, supplies, voyage ships, shopping mall, treatment center etc.

Invacare Nutron R51LXP Power Wheelchair
Invacare P9000 XDT Power Wheelchair
Invacare Nutron R51 Power Wheelchair

Travel Power Wheelchairs / Scooters

Travel power wheelchairs are easy to fold, smaller in size, light in weight, designed to be transported with least amount of effort and requires less space for putting away. These are designed to take apart and pull together quickly and easily. Travel wheelchairs can be used to go shopping at stores, malls, treatment center or air travel.

Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair
Pride Jazzy Z-Chair Power Wheelchair
Golden Technologies LiteRider PTC GP160 Power Wheelchair

Four Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

Four wheel drive wheelchairs can accompany You through sand, snow, mud and over rough terrain. These are highly maneuverable used as indoor and outdoor mobility. X8 Extreme by innovation in motion is the 4x4 power wheelchair.

Innovation In Motion X8 Extreme 4 x 4 Power Wheelchair

Features: 14" Knobby Tires, 400 lbs. User Capacity, Climbs Curbs with ease, Almost 1,000 Watts of Power, Patented Passive Steering System, Massive 75A/Hr Sealed AGM Batteries, 4 Powerful 4 Pole DC Motors-one on each wheel.

Innovation In Motion X8 Extreme 4 x 4 Power Wheelchair



Power Wheelchair Accessories


Power wheelchair batteries need to be replaced very often. The batteries for power wheelchair plays a big role in the way how Your power wheelchair performs. Good batteries can make certain that the wheelchair always operates at peak performance. Wheelchairs batteries are broadly classified as Wet batteries, gel batteries, AGM abatteries.

power wheelchair batteries


When You want to buy a battery for Your power wheelchair make sure You have the right battery charger for the type of battery You have.

power wheelchair battery charger

Wheels, Tires, Tubes & Casters

When You are planning to start maintaining or upgrading Your power wheelchair, Home Health Pavilion is the best place to get Your wheelchair customized. Home Health Pavilion is the best stop for all of Your wheelchair wheel, tire and tube needs. Accessories includes wheelchair front casters, rear wheels, wheel components, wheel bearings, frog legs etc.

power wheelchair tires, tubes, casters

Joystick Handles

Joystick handles act as shock absorbers to deflect joystick impacts that can cause damage to sensitive switches. These are easy to install, comfortable design.

power wheelchair joystick handles