Medical Insurance Reimbursement Service

Only For Clients residing in our Local Service Area

Let us help You navigate the complexity of Medical Insurance Reimbursement. In order for us to help You, our specialized medical reimbursement team will need the following to start the process:

  • Basic Client Demographic Information.
  • Medical Insurance Policy Coverage Details
  • Detail about exact Product or Service required?
  • Contact Information of Your clinical team: Physicians, Therapists etc.
  • Copies of any Medical Prescriptions or Letters of Medical Necessity.

Medical Insurance Coverage is based on the following subjective Criteria of Insurance Payors:

  • Insurance Policy Benefit Coverage: depends on the type of policy You have!
  • Coverage criteria as per client medical condition: Your medical diagnosis and its justification is important!
  • Guidelines for Reimbursement amounts and Product/Service HCPCS Codes.

Please call us to learn more about Your unique situation……

We specialize in helping people with medical insurance reimbursement for their special needs Rehab Products.

Please note that, we are only able to work with Clients residing in our Local Service Area.

Thank you,
Customer Service.