Manual Wheelchairs

Home Health Pavilion offers all top brands of wheelchairs to best fit for a particular user and at best prices you will find anywhere. Find manual wheelchairs from Invacare, Pride Mobility, Quickie, Tilite. We sell from standard wheelchairs to heavy duty wheelchairs.

Full customization & repair service available for wheelchairs by our factory trained technicians. We design and customize wheelchairs to fit you and suit the way you move, fitting special physical needs.

Types of Manual Wheelchairs

Pediatric Manual Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs for kids have smaller frame size to support lighter weight users. Seats are narrow and shallower than compared to adult wheelchairs. They are generally around 14 inches wide and closer to 12 inches deep. Pediatric wheelchairs are specifically designed for children are set a lower to the ground, for the handles to be adjusted according to the adult maneuvering the wheelchair.

snug seat cheetah pediatric wheelchair
invacare MVP junior fixed frame wheelchair
zippie kidz ultralight pediatric manual wheelchair
zippie 2 pediatric manual wheelchair

Transport Wheelchairs

Transport wheelchairs are slightly smaller in size, standard sized, and are lighter in weight. Wheelchair back can be folded for easy storage and transportation. These wheelchairs are made of lighter metals such as aluminum to make the chair weigh less for easy carrying and transportation. Some transport wheelchairs have removable rear wheels and option to exchange smaller, lighter wheels with larger; heavy wheels..

convaid convertible pediatric wheelchair
invacare heavy duty transport wheelchair
breezy EC steel transport wheelchair
invacare IVC tracer easy transport wheelchair

Standard Wheelchairs

Standard wheelchairs comes with standard features of a wheelchair. They have variable seat widths, detachable footrests, swing away footrest, leg rests, permanent or removable arm rests and backrests. Standard wheelchairs can be modified with accessories for users specific needs like headrest, armrests, leg rests can be adjusted, shoulder harness, leg harness, chest harness, ankle huggers can be mounted according to the users specific requirement.

invacare IVC 9000 XDT wheelchair
breezy ultra 4 custom wheelchair
Medline excel extra wide wheelcair
invacare insignia wheelchair

Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs are made for the users who travel with their wheelchairs. They are light in weight, can be folded easily for easy carrying and storage. Wheels can be removed easily. Some can have adjustable back height, leg rests, armrests.

invacare patriot lightweight folding manual wheelchair
breezy 600 custom wheelchair
invacare IVC 9000 XT wheelchair
medline excel kidz pediatric wheelchair

Ultralight Wheelchairs

Ultra lightweight wheelchairs can be rigid, folding, sport chair types. These are easy to transport, light in weight. Ultra light weight wheelchairs are manual wheelchairs that offers durability and performance. Ultralight weight wheelchairs are lighter in weight, ranging from 13-28 lbs.

ki mobility tsunami little wave pediatric manual wheelchair
quickie gp / gpv ultralight manual wheelchairs
tilite ZR series 2 ultralight rigid manual wheelchairs
invacare compass XE folding manual wheelchair

Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchairs

Heavy duty manual wheelchairs are built for transport and not for self propulsion. Seat width for the heavy-duty wheelchairs is typically in the 20-inch to 24-inch range. Heavy duty transport wheelchairs are typically made of materials that keep them light. Even a heavy-duty transport wheelchair may only way around 35 pounds. Bariatric wheelchairs are typically set at 24, 26, 28, or 30-inch width seats, and can support up to 700 pounds

invacare IVC 9000 topaz bariatric wheelchair
quickie M6 heavy duty folding wheelchair
breezy EC 2000 HD450 extra wide heavy duty wheelchair
invacare tracer IV heavy duty wheelchair (quick ship)

Recliner Wheelchairs

Reclining wheelchairs can be semi reclining, high back reclining chairs. Not all people need same wheelchairs to accommodate as for some elderly or disabled persons with low muscle tone or other medical conditions they may require a wheelchair that reclines. Home Health Pavilion offers a wide selection of Recliner wheelchairs like having added versatility and comfort of a full reclining back, light in weight, that suits the specific needs of each individual customers. Recliner wheelchair back can be easily and frequently be positioned to any angle by the care giver.

Breezy EC 4000R Recliner Wheelchair
Invacare IVC 9000 XT Recliner Wheelchair
Medline Excel Reclining Wheelchair with Desk Length Arm and Elevating Leg Rest
Invacare IVC Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair

Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchairs

Tilt in space wheelchairs are good to reduce shifting pressure and bedsores. Can have swing away footrests, flip back armrests; which can be height adjustable for providing optimum comfort to the user. Lightweight tilt in space wheelchairs are perfect for users who need versatility and comfort.

Quickie TS Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchair
Invacare Solara 3G Tilt-In-Space Manual Wheelchair
Freedom Designs Gizmo Lightweight Manual Wheelchair
Quickie SR45 Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchair

Standing Manual Wheelchairs

Standing manual wheelchairs are ultralight wheelchairs offers superior maneuverability and standing at the touch of a switch. These are designed for active wheelchair users who want to stand. On Standing wheelchairs you can push yourself up into your standing position by simply using the elevating arm rests.

LifeStand Helium LSA Ultralight Stand-Up Manual Wheelchair
LifeStand Helium LS Lightweight Stand-Up Manual Wheelchair
Levo LCEV Standing Manual Wheelchair
Levo LAE Standing Manual Wheelchair

Geri Chair - Recliners

Home Health Pavilion carry a large selection of Geriatric chairs classified as home care geri chairs & clinical geri chairs including uni-recliner, 3 position, clinical recliner geri chairs. These chairs offers tilt and recline features with smooth and effortless operation and optimal positioning. Ideal for long-term care and seating applications. These geri chairs are designed to provide maximum safety for both the caregiver & the user.

Invacare 3 Position Deluxe Extra Wide Recliner Geri Chair
Invacare Clinical Recliner Geri Chair
Invacare HTR 3000 Basic Uni-Recliner Geri Chair
Invacare HTR 5500 Deluxe Uni-Recliner Geri Chair


Wheelchair Accessories

Leg Rests

Wheelchair legrests have an infinitely adjustable angle and can be adjusted anywhere from almost touching the casters to horizontal to the thighs. Wheelchair legrests enable the wheelchair users legs to be supported at various angles or for them in straight positioned. These can be detachable and fully adjustable according to the user's needs.

Foot Rests

Footrest is a component on which the users foot will rest on while using a wheelchair. Footrests are removable and swing away to the sides for easy transfers. Footrests comes with various styles of footplate options to support the user's feet. Footrests are available in 90, 70, 60 degrees angles. All footrests are not legrests. Footrests are removable and swing away to the sides for easy transfers.

Desk Length Arm

Desk Length Arm have a fixed height and provide arm support from the back to three by fourth of the seat. These can be removable or adjustable; i.e. height adjustable arm rests. Desk arm allows the patient to sit in front of a desk or table.

Full Length Arm

Full Length Arm have a fixed height and provide arm support from the back to the front of the seat. These can be fixed or adjustable and are removable. Full arm allows greater support for patient arms.

Wheel Lock Extensions

Wheel Lock Extension brings the brake lever closer to the patient and provide more power in setting brake. Helps user reach brake handle; Provide more power with less energy; Fits most standard wheelchairs. Wheel lock extensions are available to provide ease of use.


Anti tipper is a simple device that prevents a wheelchair from accidentally tipping over backwards or in front. Anti-tipper are designed for wheelchairs to prevent the chair from being tilted too far backward or forward. Wheelchair anti tippers can be two types front anti tippers and rear anti tippers and their height can be adjusted.

One-Arm Drive

One-arm drive attachments are designed to allow the user to propel the chair effectively using only one arm to drive both wheels. One arm drive system is used in manual wheelchairs. It can be used on either on the right hand side of the wheelchair or on the left hand side of the wheelchair as long as the user has the good strength in either arm side.

Oxygen Cylinder Holders

Oxygen Cylinder holders provide a convenient way for oxygen users to carry cyclinders with their wheelchair as they move. Wheelchair users can purchase an oxgen tank holder that attaches to the wheelchair. The holder fits all standard oxygen cylinders while keeping caregivers and their elderly parents' hands free.

Seat belts

Wheelchair seat belts aid in positioning and security of the user. Wheelchair Seat belts are easy to use, length adjustable, many comes with a buckle fastening for additional strength and durability. Helps prevent the user slipping forward in the seat.